Bring out the Nutella!

I found this article, Nutella Virgin? 50 Ways to Eat Nutella and Nutella Lover Types, by being up way too late and having a sudden craving for Nutella. I wanted to dip or put Nutella on something new. Thank goodness for Google when you are suffering from a severe case of “late night brain goo”.
While I skipped through the majority of the article, as it was a bit too chatty for my tired self, I did find this lovely long list of 50 ways to eat it. I guess the article wasn’t lying after all!

So here are 50 glorious ways to indulge in chocolate goodness.

50 Ways to Eat Nutella

  1. with a spoon.
  2. between two slices of white bread.
  3. spread onto a crusty baguette.
  4. in a crepe.
  5. in a crostata.
  6. in brioche/cornetti/croissant.
  7. in a donut.
  8. on top of gelato.
  9. dip a banana into it.
  10. spread onto cookies or wafers.
  11. between two pizzelles.
  12. in an ice cream cone.
  13. on sweet ravioli.
  14. in a hamburger or hotdog bun.
  15. on a bagel.
  16. on a muffin.
  17. on top of a waffle.
  18. in a pita.
  19. on poundcake.
  20. twisted in challah.
  21. on strawberries.
  22. on sliced pear.
  23. stuffed in a cored apple.
  24. spread on celery sticks.
  25. stuffed in French toast.
  26. swirled into brownies.
  27. swirled into or topped onto cheesecake.
  28. dosed into your morning coffee.
  29. frozen into an icy granita.
  30. mixed with rice krispies.
  31. topped on a cupcake.
  32. injected into a cupcake.
  33. between layers of a cake.
  34. as frosting for a cake.
  35. as a twist on tiramisu.
  36. mixed with your favorite cream alcohol.
  37. mixed into a chocolaty martini.
  38. between layers of trifle.
  39. mixed in your favorite pudding.
  40. melted into hot chocolate.
  41. in creme brulee forms.
  42. in filled profiteroles.
  43. in tuiles.
  44. in babka.
  45. in tiny filo cups.
  46. on a sweet pizza.
  47. sandwiched between layers of pandoro or panettone.
  48. with peanut butter in a poor man’s peanut butter cup.
  49. in a N&J – Nutella & Jelly sandwich.
  50. with marshmallow fluff in a FlufferNutterNutella.


PS. Don’t ask me what some of those foods are…..I haven’t the slightest clue.

Carpe diem.


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