We all have dreams.

Everyone has some kind of hope for their future. Or maybe a drawer full of dreams pushed to the side because ‘life’ just isn’t allowing your brightly shining dreams to become reality.

I’ve always been a dreamer. Since I was a little munchkin running around, I would spin these wild tales and tell them to the empty the hair or whisper them to myself to help me fall asleep night. They would be anything from utter crazy (I used to dream that if I wished it hard enough, I would grow wings and be an outcast of the world) or stories born from bursting hopes that I created into colorful visions that came to life with my imagination.
My point is, for years and years I’ve been a dreamer and despite the harsh blows life has dealt my way, somehow I’ve managed to keep that. I may have lost my innocence, my friends, my trust of people, my ability to love easily, or my wide-eye view of the world, but I have not lost my ability to keep on dreaming. And maybe with that I can rebuild the broken pieces of me that have been bumped up a little during all the growing up.

So with that little introduction, I give you a small portion of my life bucket list.
Some things are ridiculous, some so small, others that I might consider impossible most days, and some good old fashioned dreams.

Obviously I can’t sit here and write all of them, but I just want to write some of them out.

  • See a play on Broadway
  • Sky dive in New Zealand
  • Work with newborns in an orphange
  • Send my parents away on a fully paid for vacation
  • Drive myself through fitness training and reach my full potential
  • Travel the world for different rugby tournaments (did I mention I’m a 21 year old, straight, female, playing rugby now? yeah, that’s some news for ya.)
  • Go back to Disney World and ride the Tower of Terror
  • Succeed in my current ‘job’ to the point of having a very free and flexible lifestyle
  • Bar tend for awhile
  • Volunteer at a hospital (almost there!)
  • Have a well known photography blog
  • Buy a brand, spanking, new car
  • Drive through Canada
  • Live in Sitka, Alaska for awhile. Huskies, fur coats, roaring fires, the whole nine yards.
  • Gallop a horse down a beach (whaaaaat? girly moment? no, not at all.)

There’s that.


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